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In 2017, the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation (MHCDF) began to work with local artists and other area organizations to grow the influence of arts in the community. In 2019, the Arts Mount Holly subcommittee of the MHCDF was formed with the goal of becoming an independent not-for-profit within the next five years.

OUR MISSION: Arts Mount Holly collaborates with artists and advocates to plan, promote, and fund a wide-range of creative, educational and cultural endeavors that invite community involvement. 

Our Board & Members

Arts Mount Holly is a subcommittee of the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation. As of 2023, the Arts Mount Holly board consists of four officers. Julia Benfield is the current Chair, Stephanie McLaughlin is the Vice Chair, Paige Sisk is the Social Media Chair, and Patricia Lee is the Secretary. In addition, there are regularly 15-20 members that perform advisory, community liaison and event volunteer roles. 

Our Board.

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About the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation (MHCDF) -

Founded over 15 years ago, the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation (MHCDF) works as a partner of the City of Mount Holly towards improving economic development, downtown revitalization, and community enhancement. 

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