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Our Story

About Arts Mount Holly

In 2017, the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation (MHCDF) began to work with local artists and other area organizations to grow the influence of arts in the community. In 2019, the Arts Mount Holly subcommittee of the MHCDF was formed with a goal of becoming an independent not-for-profit within the next five years.


Our Mission
Arts Mount Holly collaborates with artists and advocates to plan, promote, and fund a wide-range of creative, educational and cultural endeavors that invite community involvement. 


Our Board & Members

As of 2021, the Arts Mount Holly Board consists of 7 officers. Teresa Rench is the current Chair and Ruth Neely is the Vice Chair. In addition, there are regularly 25-30 members that perform advisory, community liaison, and event volunteer roles.


Recurring Events

Arts Mount Holly is a project and event-based organization that works to promote all aspects of the Arts in Mount Holly. To that end, we have several recurring events that we organize or co-sponsor every year in addition to one-time, special events. Our regular events are:


  • Collaboration with local artist for the Mount Holly Lantern Parade (annual, late October)
    The Mount Holly Lantern parade is an annual event that started in 2017. It’s open to the public as both participants and patrons and is held in late October every year. 

  • Plein Air Paint-Out & Wet Paint Sale (annual, late September)
    The Plein Air Paint-Out started in 2019 and is held every year in September. This event is supported by grant funds and includes professional, amatuer, and middle and high school student artists. The Wet Paint sale is held at the end of a 3-day paint out and open to the public for purchase of the works. 

  • Arts Mount Holly Art & Business Crawl (each Spring)
    Arts Mount Holly Art & Business Crawl is an art and business crawl through the community with each local business  highlightening a local arts.  Art venues such as Awaken Gallery, The Studios @ 107 West, Arts on the Greenway and Create-In-Us Studios regularly participate and offer open gallery/studio tours, art demonstrations and art for sale. At least once per year, we also install local artist booths in the local businesses with art for sale and additional demonstrations.


Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@artsmountholly) for updates about events or to learn more about the organization or email us at


About the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation

Founded over 15 years ago, the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation (MHCDF) works as a partner of the City of Mount Holly towards improving economic development, downtown revitalization, and community enhancement. 

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