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Welcome to our 2024 Mount Holly Arts & Business Crawl Event Page!

Scroll down to see our interactive site map of participating businesses in our crawl, as well as to learn about our event's artists, and sign-up to attend our juried art show after the crawl! 

Welcome to the Mount Holly Arts & Business Crawl- 2024! 

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The Arts Mount Holly Art & Business Crawl is a beloved event in the local community that celebrates the creativity and talent of local artists. This exciting event features open gallery and studio tours, art demonstrations, and the chance to purchase beautiful art from a variety of venues, including Awaken Gallery, The Studios @ 107 West, Arts on the Greenway, and Create-In-Us Studios. With a range of artistic styles and mediums represented, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Arts Mount Holly Art & Business Crawl. As a visitor, you'll have the opportunity to meet the artists, learn more about their creative process, and purchase unique pieces to add to your collection. Don't miss out on this fantastic event and the chance to support our local art community!

2024 Mount Holly Art & Business Crawl Event Site Map! 

Scroll down to see which artists and businesses are participating in our 2024 Mount Holly Art & Business Crawl, and use our map to locate participating businesses for you to visit during the crawl portion of this annual event! 


The Studios at 107 West

Featuring Teresa Rench, Olivia Cantwell, & Meghan Berney



Featuring Ann Cameron McDonald, Jim Biscardi, Robert Brown, & Toni Evans 


Traust Brewing Company

Featuring Cindy Reed, Robin Stallings, Sandy Collier, Desiree Sterbini, & Jennifer Walker


Mount Holly Farmer's Market

Featuring Various Artisans


The Catalyst Mercantile

Featuring Shana Templin


Oak Essential Wellness

Featuring Laura Sexton


Mount Holly Community Garden

Featuring Suzanne Nash 


The Vintage Nest Home & Gifts

Featuring Paige Sisk & Nita Bagga


My Brother's Bottle

Featuring Pilar Maguea


Planet Vintage Clothing

Featuring Jan Homan 


Arts on the Greenway

Featuring Bethany Torimino, Corinne Kay, & Melissa Bryant


Catawba Coffee

Featuring Kimberly Clark


On Track Yoga

Featuring Gail Baillargeon, & Alicia Robinson


Awaken Gallery 

***Gallery will be open to the public during the Crawl. 


Darkside Studios

Featuring Tattoo Artist- Saby & Savage


Mount Holly Historical Society

Featuring Nancy Sauser & Stephanie McLaughlin

Image by Alexander Grey

Meet this year's Artists!

Our annual Arts Mount Holly Art & Business crawl celebrates artistic diversity, featuring creators from various disciplines in a dynamic, real-world environment. Read on to learn who is participating in our 2024 event and familiarize yourself with their incredible talent! 

Ann Cameron McDonald

Nancy Sauser

Robin Stallings

Cindy Reed

Shana Templeton

Laura Sexton

Suzanne Nash

Paige Sisk

Bethany Torimino

Kathleen Finch

Jim Biscardi

Melissa Bryant

Nita Bagga

Gail Baillargeon 

Emily Webb

Stephanie McLaughlin

Sandy Collier

Jennifer Walker

Desiree Sterbini

Meghan Berney

Olivia Cantwell

Teresa Rench

Alicia Robinson

Pilar Mageau

Anna Smith

Robert Brown

Toni Evans

Corinne Kay

Jan Homan

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